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Haulfryn Careers

Applying for a job

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, we're here to help you make the best of your job application

The application process

Follow our simple steps to make sure you're well prepared and can make the most of your interview. Good luck!



Read the job description throughly, prepare your CV and write a tailored cover letter specific for the role. Make sure to use keywords and check it for spelling errors!



Apply carefully for roles you really want. Save ones you are interested in to easily come back to them later.

Interview process

Interview process

We will let you know via email if you have progressed to the interview stage. Prepare for your interview by practicing. You may be required to attend multiple interviews during this stage depending on the job.

Job offer

Job offer

Congratulations! If you have progressed past the interview stage, you will be sent a formal offer of employment along with your salary information and working hours.

Application tips
  • Take your time and make sure you are clear and to the point, don't waffle
  • Sell yourself by promoting your achievements that match the job attributes, be proud
  • Include a covering letter or email that shows your personality so the employer can start to get to know you - remember people buy people
  • Link elements mentioned in the job listing to your relevant experience so the recruiter can see you are suitable for the role
At the interview

Make the best of your opportunity

Dress appropriately

If you role is going to be office based, then it is good for the person meeting you to see how you might dress once you are in the role, so choose smart, business type wear. If you going to be on a park, you're likely to be wearing a uniform, so choose something to wear to the interview that shows that you care about your appearance and can look smart and customer friendly.

Be polite and friendly

Wherever you work in our business, we expect our teams to respect each other, so remembering your manners will help show that you are polite and will fit in. We're a friendly business so a smile and welcoming conversation goes a long way.

Answer questions honestly

Being honest is a value we support. There's no point making claims in your interview at any level, that you cannot achieve.

Let your personality shine through

People buy people so don't feel you have to be overly formal when answering any questions. Just be yourself as that's who we really want to get to know.

Write down everything you want to find out

Interviews aren't a one way exercise. You need to make the most of any opportunity to ask questions to make sure this is right role for you. Read through the questions you prepared before and make sure they have all been answered before you leave.

Connect your values with ours

Get to know as much about Haulfryn as you can, especially our approach and values. Seize any opportunity to connect the values and approach you have with ours.

Looking for your next role?
If you can add and create joy in everything you do, we want you!